Industrial/Vintage Fisherman's Light Fittings

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I have light fittings which came out of a local hotel during a refurbishment. The best thing is to look at the pictures as this has all the information and the close ups give all the details. They are very large and would work brilliantly if you have high ceilings.

If you are involved in a coffee/cafe shop refurbishment and into the old fashioned shabby chic seaside look, this might just be up your street.

I also have 4 wall light fittings, details of which I will post later this evening. The fittings will need to be pat tested and the wiring will need to be checked by a qualified electrician.

Similar fittings on various salvage, reclamation online sites are selling similar fittings for £150 – £250 each. My prices are below:

1 x light fitting – £125
2 x light fitting – £190 (£95 for each)
3 x light fitting – £255 (£85 for each)

I have 8 fittings in total so if you are looking more than 4 or for all of them then please make a sensible offer and I will consider it.