list of rare species of macaw and parrot for sale

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Santa Clara, CA, USA

We have these adorable parrots and macaws for adoption. Check out our list below and tell us which one you want.

Prices are available depending on which one you choose. They are tested DNA, vaccinated, Comes along with all paper works. Beautiful Macaw very friendly and tamed they can

say words and number. They love to eat seeds and fruits. They are raised in a family surrounding.

List of available macaw and parrot below.

African gray,
Blue and gold macaw.
Cockatoos umbrella,
Cockatoo palm,
Hyacinth Macaw,
American macaw
Electus Parrot
Cotorra bird
Southern red-shouldered macaw
Spix’s macaw
Blue-throated macaw
Scarlet macaw
Red-fronted macaw
Chestnut-fronted macaw
Cuban macaw
Lesser Antillean macaw
Blue-and-yellow macaw
Lear’s macaw
Glaucous macaw
Great green macaw

Australian king parrot
Dusky lory
Black-winged lory
Turquoise parrot
Elegant parrot
Eastern bluebonnet
Northern rosella
Crimson rosella
Dusky parrot
Red-fan parrot
Carolina parakeet
Golden parakeet
Red-bellied parrot
Rüppell’s parrot
Cape parrot
Meyer’s parrot
Red-fronted parrot
Yellow-fronted parrot
Brown-headed parrot
Burrowing parrot
Austral parakeet
Maroon-fronted parrot
Thick-billed parrot
Green-cheeked parakeet
Crimson-bellied parakeet
Santa Marta parakeet

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State/Province California
distance: 7,937 Miles
Address Santa Clara, CA, USA